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Denmark PANDORA jewelry enterprise to build the charm of animation and fine jewelry is popular all over the world. PANDORA jewelry in a beautiful way to capture the unforgettable moment in life create beautiful round of beautiful huan the craft is exquisite jewelry thereby gaining the customers all over the world. Goldsmith pearl by France and Germany and his wife winnie in Copenhagen in 1982 opened a small basement near downtown stores used to sell jewelry. Ni and pearl by France and Germany with the original idea of combined-type jewelry beautiful design for PANDORA throughout the world laid a solid foundation for lasting success. The jewelry with bright charming Bohemian. It advocates freedom and romantic soul also reflected the for women made by hand the quality target of modern jewelry. This idea become PANDORA since then has been persistent brand core. Began to hear Pandora bracelet (Pandora bracelet charms) and the story of this bracelet. The impulse of the in the mind have a want to have it Maybe a girl yourself always have a strange love on jewelry. Especially for bracelet Zeus gave to Pandora a box but no she opened pandora charms, and then sent her to the earth. In the creation of Pandora she is endowed with curiosity. So could not withstand the temptation to open the box. When she looked into the box and all human suffering since disease devil escaped from the box. The box is only hope and opportunity. Then Pandora jewelry also represents luck and hope. You might find it hard to know most of the Pandora bracelet (Pandora bracelet charms) source of charm. This means that you can wear the same beading every day but still looks beautiful. Pandora bracelet is made up of bead string of beads. Each beads has special significance. At a certain moment she fixed her exciting witnessing the sweet romance Tied with the world of the warm greeting also full of good hope for the future. A bunch of bracelets like the trace left by a day. Solid walk every day with me. I am now the beads have not hung. So the beads on the bracelet can slide have certain space will be a little scroll with the movement of the wrist I also accustomed to this kind of rhythm. Will let you feel very happy Have certain space can slide beads on the bracelet also will be a little scroll with the movement of the wrist let beauty attract countless eyes between gesturs. Because is can adjust the design itself so you can according to the stand or fall of mood change at any time. So that is not tight can let oneself mood relax but also still beautiful. I also accustomed to this kind of rhythm. Will let you feel very happy PANDORA achieved a major breakthrough in 2000. PANDORA designer RON f LanDeSen (Lone Frandsen) and Liz beth northrop grumman larson (Lisbeth En Larsen) wants to help women realize the unique effect in the crowd. At that time decorated with interchangeable link steel bracelet is all the rage the two designers see the potential of them. RON blessing LanDeSen said: "they can match any hanging plutonium (charm is each of the things in the bracelet). When we create hanging plutonium bracelet has been implementing the principle of universality." "Personalize your own jewelry" is an important part of the PANDORA design concept. Lish beth northrop grumman larson said "we want women to show ego. PANDORA jewelry fulfill their - you can create any combination according to oneself idea or appearance. PANDORA was mad rush of plutonium bracelet can match a variety of shapes of plutonium small pendant silver or 14 k gold. It is the customers own design bracelet. Therefore pandora charms sale, no matter you choose is a simple heart brilliant gem pandora charms sale, chubby teddy bear or other marks is able to acquire the collocation of personality is distinct effect. There is no doubt that ten years later this bracelet is still occupying the PANDORA the biggest share of the global sales. Since the popular bracelet on sale at the beginning of this century after launch PANDORA's turnover is doubling every year. The company has about 1500 unique product launched another 200 new products each year into its product category.

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